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Michigan Child Support Changes

Are you aware that changes were made to the Michigan Child Support Formula?

The most recent changes include additions and modifications to what is considered income for purposes of calculating child support.These changes could create a substantial change to an already existing child support order. Child Support Reviews can be requested every three years or when there has been a change of circumstances that affects the amount of child support by the greater of 10% or $50.00. The Friend of the Court conducts an investigation into the parties income and prepares a Recommendation and Order can according to The Michigan Child Support Formula. Parties have a limited time to object to the Recommendation and Order before it becomes permanent.

If you believe that you are entitled to a child support review, contact The Law Office of Denise M. Buswa for a free consultation. Having an outdated child support obligation can cause the payer to go into arrears which may result in a bench warrant being issued along with other negative consequences.

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