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Have you or someone you know been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence? The prospect of losing your license and facing jail time can be frightening and overwhelming. Having a skilled attorney on your side can significantly affect the outcome of your case and your ability to drive. Having a CDL license while driving under the influence or previous DUI convictions can result in more serious consequences, including being charged with a felony. Let the attorneys at Buswa & Berry help you!

A first offense OWI/OUIL/UBAL can result in:

  • up to 93 days in jail;

  • a fine of $100–$500, and/or community service up to 360 hours; and

  • permissive vehicle immobilization up to 180 days. 

 A second violation within 7 years of preceding conviction can result in:

  • Imprisonment for 5 days–1 year, with not less than 48 hours served consecutively;

  • a fine of $200–$1,000, and/or community service for 30–90 days; and

  • permissive vehicle forfeiture; mandatory vehicle immobilization for 90–180 days if no forfeiture.

Third violation within 10 years of two prior convictions can result in:

  • Imprisonment for 1–5 years or probation with jail imprisonment for 30 days–1 year, with not less than 48 hours served consecutively and community service for 60–180 days;

  • a mandatory fine of $500–$5,000;

  • permissive vehicle forfeiture; and

  • mandatory vehicle immobilization for 1–3 years if no forfeiture.


Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI)

  • (1) 90 rest

  • (2) Denial/revocation

  • (3) Denial/revocation

Combined Operated While Impaired by Liquor and Controlled Substance (OWI/OWPD) 

  • (1) 180 rest

  • (2) Denial/revocation

  • (3) Denial/revocation

 Operated While Intoxicated (OWI)/Operating With Presence of Drugs (OWPD) 

  • (1) 30 suspension/150 rest

  • (2) Denial/revocation – misdemeanor

  • (3) Denial/revocation – felony

CDL - .04 BAC – Commercial License

  • (1) 1 year suspension Hazardous Endorsement – 3 year suspension 

  • (2) Revocation for 10 yrs  

CDL - .04 BAC – Operator’s License

  • (1) 90 restricted license 

  • (2) Denial/revocation

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