People v W______ (May 2019):

Charges: Ct.1 - Felony Home Invasion 3rd Degree (max 5 years)

                Ct.2 - High Misdemeanor Unlawful Use of Motor Vehicle (max 2 years)

Result: Both charges dismissed at the conclusion of the preliminary examination

            after cross-examination of the alleged victim, who made numerous 

            contradictory statements before finally admitting that our client didn't 

            commit either of the alleged charges. 

People v A_______:

Charge: Probation Violation

Result: Nolle Prosequi (dismissal)

People v C_______:

Domestic Violence Second Offense

Result: Nolle Prosequi (dismissal)

People v W______:

Charge: Defrauding an Innkeeper

Result: Nolle Prosequi (dismissal)

People v M_______:

Charge: Retail Fraud Second Degree:

Result: Fines and costs, no probation, no jail.

People v G_______:

Charges: Domestic Violence and Breaking and Entering

Result: Nolle Prosequi (dismissals)

People v H______:

Charge: Domestic Violence Second Offense

Result: Nolle Prosequi (dismissal)

People v S_______:

Charges: Operating with a High Blood Alcohol Content and Failure to Stop at the Scene of an Accident

Result: Dismissed Count II, eight months probation, no jail

People v J_______:

Charges: Domestic Violence 1st Offense and Larceny less than $200

Result: Not Guilty as to Domestic Violence; Guilty as to Larceny, eight months probation, no jail.

People v W_____:

Charges: CCW

Result: Misdemeanor Possession of Self-Defense Spray; fines and costs, no jail.

People v S______:

Charge: Intent to do Great Bodily Harm Less than Murder

Result: Moving Violation Causing Serious Impairment of a Bodily Function, probation, no jail.

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